My life In Data
I created a file and recorded every time I interacted with my cat for 5 days in a row. I was taking a photo of each time and added it to the file plus the exact date, time, quality and environment. Sometimes, he liked to be stroked by me but there were also moments when he did not enjoy my company and bit me! Likewise, sometimes I did not want to be disturbed by him. For instance, when he was waking me up at 4 am to give him food! 

Our behaviour pattern was like a rotation of habits. Therefore, I drew the moments that happened most in these 5 days. Using those drawings I have created a book to demonstrate the data I collected. I also added text to the book to make the drawings more easy to understand.

︎︎︎type of work Editorial, Illustration in watercolour
︎︎︎year 2020

        © copyright Farzaneh Heidari